Fat Joe and Ja Rule Battled Each Other in Epic Rap Duel for Verzuz

Verzuz is one of the most sought-after platform for music battles and now two of hip hops biggest names Fat Joe and Ja Rule Battled Each Other in Epic Rap Duel for Verzuz. Verzuz came to life during the pandemic as producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland had the idea to try and bring some fresh air to the rap scene and innovate the spirit.


Fat Joe Ja Rule


Many artists have embraced the initiative, participating in these battles and providing a taste of their freestyle skills. The latest battle features two absolute legends: Fat Joe and Ja Rule. These big names of the 90s and early 2000s music scene are all about testing their chops and their limit on the mic, and in doing so, they really allowed people to find some relief from the loneliness of the pandemic.


Ja Rule


There is quite nothing like witnessing some of the best rap artists of all time versing each other in the ultimate freestyle hip-hop duel! Who came out on top? It’s difficult to say, as the audience is still debating who deserved the highest praise!


Fat Joe


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