Trevor Noah for Corporate Events

Who Is Trevor Noah?

We make it easy to learn how to book Trevor Noah for corporate events. South-African comedian Trevor Noah has managed to take his career to astonishing heights, transcending his early days as a local stand-up comic and finding a place under the international limelight as the host of the hit TV program, The Daily Show in the United States. Influenced by iconic comedians such as Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock, Trevor developed a sharp and intelligent style, immediately connecting with the audience with his fast-witted sense of humor and unique storytelling skills. It did not take long for him to grow from small hometown stages to big international acclaim. As a comedian and television personality, Trevor Noah established himself as a sought-after entertainer. He is also the author of the acclaimed best selling book Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood


trevor noah


Today, this entertainer stands out as one of the most in-demand celebrities when it comes to corporate event bookings. He is quite experienced in this particular area since he hosted or emceed a wide range of public events throughout his career. He also had the chance to travel a lot, including international tours and keynote speeches. Earlier this year, Trevor Noah had the opportunity to headline Salesforce’s Higher Ed Summit as a speaker, advocating digital transformation and equal opportunities for people of all backgrounds and walks of life. Trevor Noah is a one-of-a-kind celebrity guest for any event because of his ability to provide a fun and light hearted experience but also go for a more inspirational and insightful approach whenever the situation calls for it.


trevor noah


How To Book Trevor Noah for corporate events?

Find out more about booking details, fees, and contact information for how to book Trevor Noah for corporate events and other performers via Anthem Talent Agency. This is an online resource for people and organizations looking to book world-class talent for their events.

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