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Why Work With Us


If you are looking to hire a celebrity for your event, we are here to help. Unlike so many other booking agencies, Anthem is an independent talent agency without obligations to specific talent rosters. This unique element of freedom gives our clients unbiased access to talent pools from around the world and the opportunity to seek out celebrities for hire and top level talent in every category from Live Music and Culinary Entertainment to Athletes, Celebrity Appearances, Influencers, Speakers, Comedians and much more. With so much flexibility and a proven quality assurance process, Anthem emboldens event organizers in all industries with newfound creative inspiration and the resources to host a one-of-a-kind event.

Are You Ready to Connect with Premier Talent and Host an Unforgettable Event?

At Anthem, we help you read the crowd and create an atmosphere tailored to your event, brand or message by uniting you with the perfect talent to achieve it. Whether you’re looking for celebrities for hire to fill the seats or want to host a virtual conference that gets everyone talking, our deep industry connections and creative zeal help set the stage and bring your ideas to life. CONTACT US now to be connected to a personal talent agent that will field your questions and guide you to the perfect talent for your event.